18. Alone

Page 18 Alone

It was a tough spot to be in. On the one hand it felt good to be able to make my own choices without anyone telling me I could or couldn’t. On the other hand, I wanted him with me even though I had chosen to leave. 




I am alone

That may sound sad

But it’s really not that bad

I can be what I want to be

Without having to answer to wondering eyes

I can laugh if I feel like it

And if I feel like crying

There’s no reason to hold back my tears

I can fling my arms wide

And twirl around beneath blue sky

Or I can fall down on my knees

And want to die

Yes being alone is not so bad

But I’d still rather be with you

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve learned more about your youth. I wish I had been there more for you. I didn’t realize your pain. I am happy we have a close relationship now and wish we could have all those missed years back. I wish we lived closer now so we could grow old together. I love you little Sis. And I am here for you now.

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