15. A Lonely Girl

Page 15 A Lonely Girl

A Lonely Girl


What do you do when you’re a girl like me

Too deaf to hear, too blind to see

Who’s lived her life before her time

But nothing fits and nothing rhymes

She wants to talk but no one’s there

It makes the world seem so unfair

She wants to leave and never come back

But what would people think of that

They never notice when your good but they always criticize the bad

She picks up a cigarette and smokes when she’s sad

She puts it out and thinks some more

And wonders what she’s crying for

She makes a drink and shakes her head

If things get worse she’d rather be dead

She drives around with no place in mind

Then comes back home to see what she’ll find

But there’s nothing there just the same old place

Where time and emptiness are having their race

Where things have gone wrong when they should have been better

And the things that work out are the things that don’t matter

She needs help but where’s it at, if she finds it she’ll be proud of that

She lays down and goes to sleep but in her dreams she’ll sit and weep

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