14. Futile Thoughts

Page 14 Futile Thoughts


You just can’t turn them off. The loop where you re-think everything you’ve ever said or done. You wonder why this happened, what you could have done to change it and how to make these thoughts go away but you get no answers. Right now you are just stuck in the process. No matter what if or why, there it is. You have no choice but to wallow in it and, yes, even feel a little bit sorry for yourself.



I have touched with my hands

I have felt with my heart

And the feelings are the same, empty

My body has become a tower

My mind is the only thing that lives

All else within me has died

I look but I don’t see, I hear but I don’t listen

I run but I never get where I’m going

Because I don’t know where I’m going

And though my mind lives

It lies trapped beneath

My futile thoughts

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