16. It Ain’t Easy

Page 16 It Ain't Easy

You know you can’t go back. You also know that if he gave you the slightest bit of encouragement, you’d still go back. Your pain seems never ending and at times you feel completely hopeless. I hope if you have left a toxic relationship, you know it is normal to feel this way. It is like going through withdrawals. The next few poems are some I wrote during this phase of the separation. It ain’t easy.







It ain’t easy

To be happy with your life

When it all just seems to crumble in your hands

When the road keeps getting longer

And the pain keeps getting stronger

You wonder if the struggle ever ends



And tomorrow when I wake up

Will things still be the same

Will I die or just keep living

Will I stumble on more pain

Will I cry tonight or sleep or just lie thinking..

It ain’t easy



It ain’t easy

When you’ve tried so hard before

But you still can’t touch the stars you want to reach

When you want so many things

And you have so many dreams

But they’re all as slim

As pebbles on a beach


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