2. My Everything


I was, or at least felt like I was, an unlovable child.  People that were supposed to nurture me and protect me let me down my whole young life. I suffered many kinds of abuses. Emotional abuse led to me thinking I was unworthy of love.  I believed it when I was told  I was nothing and that I would never amount to anything.


That was who I thought I was, a nobody, until I met him.  He literally spun me around in the hallway at school one day and told me I was pretty.  From that moment on he was my everything.  Nothing else in my life mattered.  I couldn’t go one second without thinking of him.  To me he was living proof  that I was someone special and worth fighting for because he did fight for me in his own misunderstood way.  After I met him I started standing up for myself in ways I could never have imagined.  




You are my everything

You’re the breath I breathe

You’re the beat of my heart

And every time I close my eyes

You’re the dreams I have

You are my melody

You’re the words I write

You’re the songs I sing

And every time I make a plan,

You’re the path where it leads

You’re the reason I live

Today and everyday

You’re the sun that shines above me

In the cold or rain

You’re the reason I love

Cause it’s you I love

You are precious to me

You are my precious everything

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