11. So Many Times

Page 11 So Many Times

Often times you can want someone and not want them at the same time. This doesn’t just go for people who are married too young, it goes for all couples. Being in a relationship is a growth experience no matter what your age is. In this particular case it just happened to be two young people who were never given the opportunity to discover what they knew about themselves, much less what they knew about each other. There is a fine line between love and hate. For them the line was drawn by someone else so they had no way of knowing when and when not to cross those lines.


So Many Times      



So many times I want to reach you but words get in the way

feeling broken and bitter add to hateful things we say


So many times I want to hug you instead I turn away

I can’t seem to come to you and we get further apart each day


So many times I need to tell you exactly how I feel

Instead I yell and lash out at you accusations that aren’t real


So many times I want to love you with all my heart and soul

but everything you’ve put me through has left me feeling cold


So many times I need you badly and I lie awake and cry

But you don’t know and I don’t tell you I can’t help but wonder why


So many times I want to pack everything and just move far away

though you’ll cry and say you love me I do not want to stay


So many times I couldn’t depend on you to catch me when I’d fall

now the only thing I’m sure of is we won’t make it after all

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