10. The Decision

Page 10 Decisions

From the beginning of our young love, he would say or do things that hurt me. I was used to being hurt. But I had never felt as happy as I was when I met him and started going steady. Then we got married and instead of the pain of not being with him easing up a bit, it actually started to get worse. After all, he was young too and he didn’t ask to be married that soon any more than I did. We both had merely been determined that when we turned eighteen no one would be able to tell us we couldn’t see each other. 


Being married seemed so hard and not at all what I had imagined it would be like. He was used to having so much freedom and when I moved in on his life, he wanted every other thing that he was now not ‘allowed’ to have. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to stay with me or be with someone else, or just be out there on his own. It was playing hell on my emotions. There were times I was ready to leave on my own, then he’d pull me back in, then he’d want to leave. It was quite a ride.




While you’re still trying to decide

If you want to stay,

Let me bring out this one point…

If you walk out on me now,

You will be taking part of my love away with you

And there’s no way to ever bring it back.

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