8. The Other Woman

Page 8 The Other Woman

In a small town you see everything. You know all about dysfunctional relationships. You hear about couples cheating on each other but they still stay together even when their hearts have been broken. ‘Stand by your Man’ was like the National Anthem for ladies. When the women you grow up with settle for this kind of treatment, you have no way of knowing that it isn’t the norm. So you wind up thinking you have to settle too.



                                                                                                                                            So you’re the other woman in my husband’s life

You’re the one who wants him while he’s with me, his wife

Well I can’t say I blame you cause I love him too

But I can say I am sorry for the way he’s hurting you

He tells you that he loves you and he’s told it to me

But it’s me he’ll always live with while it’s you he’ll only see

There’s a difference between them, there’s a wanting and a need

He loves me with his heart; he loves you with his greed

After all the years we’ve shared you could never take him now

All the bad things we’ve been through made us stronger somehow

It hurts to know he loves you but I know he loves me more

And it takes all I can do to keep from walking out the door

Someday you will forget him while I know I never could

Even finding someone new now wouldn’t do me any good

But you have never had him, you couldn’t feel the same

As I do when he isn’t here to comfort me from pain

I hope you do not hate me though you know we can’t be friends

For nothing else could hurt me more than to see my marriage end


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