9. The Past Follows You

Page 9 The Past Follows You

It was pretty hard to be kicked out of home at the age of 17. While it was hard, it was also something I thought would save me from the years of emotional abuse I had suffered from someone who was supposed to love, guide and protect me. As I was standing in the road with that suitcase in my hand all I could think was that life would be better now. My boyfriend’s parents were cool and they would not mistreat me the way my own mother had. I thought they were my chance to be saved but instead, the past followed me. Again I was made to feel unworthy of real love. 


The Past Follows You


Your life had been so hard

You thought you could start new

How could you have known

The past would follow you

You thought you could forget

The way things were before

That people would be better

And wouldn’t hurt you anymore

You’ve put your best foot forward

You’ve tried hard to be strong

You’ve done all you could think of

To prove these people wrong

But no matter what you say

Or how hard you work to prove

They make you feel unwelcome

They say you have to move

You have nowhere to go

But you know they do not want you

And you wonder as you leave

If the past will always haunt you

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