12. The Result

Page 12 The Result

There was a time when I thought nothing would ever cause me to stop loving him. It was all consuming. It was the first time I thought I knew what love was all about. I couldn’t get through a minute without thinking about him and dreaming that we’d someday be together. I had no doubts that this would happen and I knew it would be wonderful. That kind of love is blissful and you are sure of it. Little by little the sureness slipped away until the only thing I was sure of was my feelings had somehow changed.


That’s just the way it is. Your love for someone starts out complete. What each of you give to or take from the relationship can either build it into more or break it down into pieces of nothing. Usually when you are ready to leave, that is when the other one starts to realize their mistakes and starts promising the moon in order to get you to stay. Sometimes it works but at some point your love will have been irretrievably broken. 


The Result


When we were first married

I loved you so much, dear

But we were young and things went wrong

My love lessened with each year


Now you tell me you love me more

Today than ever before

It only makes it harder to say

I don’t love you anymore


But babe it’s just not there

And it never will return

That yearning I once felt for you

No longer does it burn


If only you had told me this

Those many years ago

My love for you could have blossomed

Instead of turning cold.

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