1. Young Love



Before some poems, I may write a couple of introductory paragraphs like this. So you can either read the paragraph or scroll down to the poem.


Trust me, I know. I get it. You are in love and no one can tell you any differently. Your feelings are more real to you than anything they can say. It will last forever, no doubt. That is how you feel when you are young and in love.


How do I know this? Who am I to put my two cents worth in? I am like you because I was once young and in love. I was once part of a ‘we’ that fought the good fight, keeping our love alive when all others tried to kill it. I’m not kidding, they tried to kill any chances of us being together. The more they tried to knock our love down, the more we picked it up. We were invincible. I’m sure you are too, young lovers.


I started writing poems about this very subject when I was fifteen years old. Reading them now I can see how much growing I still had left to do but you would never have been able to tell me back then. So if you are young and in love- sure that your love will last forever and not letting anyone else drag you down then you have found someone who understands the way you feel. And honestly, I’d give anything to have that much faith in a relationship again.



I’ve never been as happy

As I am when I’m with you

Nevertheless some defy us

Though we know our love is true

They do not want us together

So we must sneak around

Yet our love keeps on growing

Letting no one cut it down

One of these days we’ll show them

Just how wrong they’ve been

They’ll wish they would have listened

But it will be too late then

Baby we’re gonna make it

Through all the rains that fall

Letting nothing come between us

Together standing tall

So don’t worry I won’t give up

I’ll love you then as now

Yes baby we’re gonna make it


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