6. M-T-Y

Page 6 Married Too Young

Note to self: It all happened so fast. One day you were a junior in high school, just past your 17th birthday. You loved him but you were smart enough to already realize he was not being very faithful or truthful. You got home from school that day not feeling well and wanting to tell your mother but she was waiting for you with these words: ‘There is a red suitcase on your bed. I want you to go and pack up whatever you can fit in it and then I’m going to drop you off at his house. You’d better be married within three days or I will pick you up and take you to a reform school.” It was all so ironic. Just when you had begun to realize your mother might be right about him she tells you have to leave home. Maybe by the time you were 18 you would have dropped him completely. But right then all you could think of was you’d rather be anywhere but here, this was your chance to finally get away from someone who had caused you pain your entire life. It seemed like you would finally be free! Little did you know you’d be trapped again and once again you’d be getting hurt by someone who was supposed to love you. You weren’t given much choice in the matter. She dropped you off on that dirt road leaving you standing there with the only things you were able to pack into that little suitcase. You got married three days later at a county office in Georgia with only one witness. You went from young and in love straight to the roller coaster ride of being married too young. It all happened so fast.                                                                                                                                                                                           

                MARRIED TOO YOUNG                  

                                                                                                                                                             You married to young to somebody younger
You love him so much but it turns out he wanders
You try to sit back and wait while he has fun
But it seems like each morning you can’t see the sun
You’re happy at times when he’s by your side
You try not to reveal the tears you have cried
You’re dreams are elusive, you hurt and you grieve
You know you will lose him but it’s hard to believe
You try to make him happy but at times you’re too sad
He knows he is hurting you and that makes you feel bad
What can you do when you know you’re bound to lose
You can’t stay when it’s not up to you to choose
You cry and you scream but that only makes you hoarse
“Why” is your only question, the only answer is “Divorce”

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